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November 05, 2022


My Medical Journal - Track Family Medical History, Medications, Medical Appointments, Blood Pressure, Testing & Procedures and More! 


Your health, Your records, Your history right at your fingertips!

It's vital to stay on top of your own health management and medical history with the changing face of health care nowadays. 

When was my last time you visited your doctor? Was I prescribed this drug before? Were there any side effects from it? Can you still remember when started taking vitamins? 

Track all your medical appointments, family medical history, test results and procedures etc. in this well detailed medical journal. This journal is a perfect way to record all your medical info in one place. 

It is created for ease of use and convenience, making it ideal for every member of the family, from mom & dad, children, aging parents and caregivers. You can take with you on medical appointments, hospital stay, ER/urgent care visit and you will have all the needed information at your fingertips. 

This helpful medical record tracker includes space to record your: 

Medical Contacts: Keep track of the names and personal information for all of your important medical contacts in case of emergency. 

Medical History: Make giving your medical history to doctors and hospitals easy with this simple log. 

Family Medical Overview: Easily reference insurance information, allergies, and blood type throughout the family. 

Family DoctorsKeep track of contact information for the doctors who care for your entire family. 

Medical Checkups:  Schedule and check off each necessary checkup all in one place. 

Blood Pressure: Easily monitor blood pressure for any fluctuations or signs of distress. 

Blood Sugar Tracker: Monitor your blood sugar seven days a week and see how specific foods affect you. 

Medications: Manage medications, dosages, and times to be administered each day. 

Surgeries: Keep track of the reasons for each surgery performed, the date, and the result. 

Immunizations:  Manage all the information surrounding immunizations for yourself and family members.

Doctor Visits: Do you know all of this year's doctor visits off the top of your head? With this log, you won't have to. 

Exam Tracker: When is your next appointment, what's it for, and who's it with? All the answers are on this page.

Illness Tracker: Track illnesses, their length, and whether a doctor was consulted and treatment administered. 

Symptoms Tracker:  Keep an eye on symptoms from illnesses both great and small, and track whether a doctor was consulted and treatment administered. 

Dental Visits: Your teeth are important, too! Maintain information regarding appointments and keep up with future appointments. 

Medical Appointments: Track future appointments and their causes for yourself and your loved ones. 

Doctor Visits: Keep in-depth logs of reasons for doctor visits and their results here. 

Test Results: What exactly were all those tests, and what did they find? Keep all the information here. 

Monthly Health Tracker: Shed more light on a medical situation by tracking health patterns throughout an entire month. 

Yearly Health Tracker: Get a birds-eye view of your health over the scope of a year by tracking each month in detail. 

Medical Expenses: Keep track of how much medical bills are costing you, as well as how much your insurance is saving you. 


And many other information…


This is the perfect medical journal to track all your important healthcare information in one convenient place. Get a copy for a family or friend today!

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